3Qs: What coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef means for the world

Marine sci­en­tists in Aus­tralia recently reported that 93 per­cent of the Great Bar­rier Reef is now bleached. Northeastern’s Steven Vollmer explains why the con­di­tion, typ­i­cally the result of warming ocean tem­per­a­tures, could lead to “the ocean’s equiv­a­lent of a rain­forest with no trees.”

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Climate change and coral reefs

Corals are anal­o­gous to trees in trop­ical rain forests,” said Steve Vollmer, assis­tant pro­fessor at Northeastern’s Marine Sci­ences Center. “They pro­vide the essen­tial habitat for the unprece­dented diver­sity of organisms […]