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The journey of a disease

Researchers at Northeastern’s MoBS Lab uti­lized a public transit model to depict how a hypo­thet­ical pan­demic can spread across the world. The Epi­demic Rapid Transit Map is on dis­play at the New York Hall of Sci­ence, begin­ning today.

Northeastern researchers connect diseases based on their molecular similarities

North­eastern Uni­ver­sity net­work sci­en­tists have found a way to con­nect dis­eases based on their shared mol­e­c­ular inter­ac­tions, a remark­able step in under­standing human diseases.

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A cure for sleeping sickness?

A few years ago chem­istry and chem­ical biology pro­fessor Mike Pol­lastri met a researcher name Larry Ruben at a con­fer­ence. Ruben was pre­senting a poster on an enzyme that is […]

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New technologies beget new science

Since you’re reading this blog, you’ve prob­ably heard of net­work sci­ence and big data by now. It’s the field of research in which sci­en­tists leverage the amazing amounts of data […]

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Killing cancer the simple way

Tar­geted drug delivery is a hot topic these days. Chemotherapy, for example, blindly kills any­thing in its path — these drugs don’t dis­tin­guish between healthy cells and can­cerous cells; they […]

3Qs: From drug development to treating disease

Man­soor Amiji, dis­tin­guished pro­fessor and chair of phar­ma­ceu­tical sci­ences, tracks the drug dis­covery process, and ana­lyzes how the pur­suit of ‘block­buster’ drugs com­pares to treating patients with rare illnesses