Turning water into rice

Last summer, a group of North­eastern stu­dents devel­oped a busi­ness pro­posal to help feed orphans in Bali. Last week, the plan was accepted to the upcoming Clinton Global Ini­tia­tive Uni­ver­sity Conference.

Students help South African businesses grow

On a Dia­logue of Civ­i­liza­tions pro­gram in South Africa this summer, stu­dents worked closely with local entre­pre­neurs to deliver sus­tain­able and socially respon­sible solu­tions for a variety of chal­lenges facing their businesses.

Cultural immersion sparks innovation

As part of Northeastern’s inau­gural Dia­logue of Inno­va­tion and Civ­i­liza­tion pro­gram, stu­dents con­ducted field­work and devel­oped inno­v­a­tive, engineering-​​based solu­tions to the eco­nomic and agri­cul­tural chal­lenges facing local farmers in Cameroon.

The quintessential global citizen

Stu­dent com­mence­ment speaker Miguel de Corral has worked, studied, and con­ducted field research in 17 coun­tries around the world and dreams of becoming a for­eign policy adviser.

Fighting poverty with social business

On co-​​op with a non­profit micro­fi­nance orga­ni­za­tion in the Dominican Republic, third-​​year stu­dent Juan Pena Salas helped impov­er­ished vil­lagers start their own small businesses.

Cameras and canals

North­eastern stu­dents spent four weeks honing their pho­tog­raphy skills on a Dia­logue of Civ­i­liza­tions pro­gram to Venice.

Cuba, through the lens

A group of North­eastern stu­dents trav­eled to Cuba this summer to doc­u­ment life in a nation that is just miles away from the United States, yet worlds apart.