Northeastern to launch innovative program in energy for underrepresented minority students

North­eastern researchers have received a $5 mil­lion grant from the National Sci­ence Foun­da­tion to estab­lish an inno­v­a­tive schol­ar­ship and men­toring pro­gram that sup­ports col­lege transfer stu­dents from under­rep­re­sented back­grounds who are studying and doing research in energy.

Two decades of service for STEM education

RE-​​SEED, Northeastern’s vol­un­teer pro­gram that trains retired sci­en­tists and engi­neers to assist sci­ence teachers in the class­room, held its 20th annual con­fer­ence this week to review the program’s 22-​​year his­tory and look forward.

Students learn research skills through summer program

A group of first-​​year stu­dents recently com­pleted the Summer Dis­covery Expe­ri­ence, an inten­sive PRISM summer pro­gram in which stu­dents expe­ri­ence hands-​​on research in math­e­matics, physics, and biology.

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Capstones in high school

On Monday, 33 STEM high school teachers from around New Eng­land con­verged on Northestern’s campus for the third annual CAPSULE work­shop. Under the direc­tion of prin­cipal inves­ti­gator Ibrahim Zeid, mechanical […]

Immersing youth in math and science research

Northeastern’s Young Scholars Pro­gram lets local high-​​schoolers broaden their knowl­edge through stim­u­lating university-​​level lab projects.

Amid the collapsing K’NEX, lots of intuitive science learning

A summer sci­ence camp at North­eastern gives middle-​​school stu­dents cre­ative ways to under­stand the foun­da­tional con­cepts that govern tech­nology and engineering.