A kid in a network shop

Baruch Barzel, a post-​​doctoral research asso­ciate in the Center for Com­plex Net­work Sci­ence, answers some of the most fun­da­mental ques­tions about com­plex net­works. The answers sur­prised even him.

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Com­mu­ni­ties with strong mutu­al­istic inter­ac­tions tend to be more resilient, according to a new study by Fil­ippo Simini, a post­doc­toral research asso­ciate in Northeastern’s Center for Com­plex Net­work Research.

Complex systems made simple

Net­work sci­en­tists at North­eastern have designed an algo­rithm capable of iden­ti­fying the subset of com­po­nents that reveal a com­plex system’s overall nature.

Nurturing a seed of discovery

Net­work sci­en­tists at North­eastern col­lab­o­rate on first large-​​scale map of a plant’s pro­tein net­work, which could one day help treat human disease.