The salamander king

James Mon­aghan, an assis­tant pro­fessor of biology, studies the axolotl sala­mander, which can grow new limbs and parts of its spinal cord.

Biology is a complex matter

World-​​renowned sys­tems biol­o­gist Leroy Hood said Monday at Northeastern’s Pro­files in Inno­va­tion Pres­i­den­tial Speaker Series that in the next 10 years, he believes we will each have our genome sequenced and a drop of blood could offer a window into health and disease.

Chipping away at cancer

Three North­eastern student-​​researchers have devel­oped a screening chip that uses nanopar­ti­cles to detect col­orectal cancer ear­lier than ever before.

The risk of carrying a cup of coffee

Pro­fessor Dagmar Sternad and post-​​doctoral researcher C.J. Hasson of Northeastern’s Action Lab show that vari­ability in our­selves and our envi­ron­ments guide our move­ment strategies.

Cancer-​​detection nets entrepreneurial award

Phar­ma­ceu­tical sci­ences pro­fessor Ban-​​An Khaw was named a Mass Chal­lenge finalist for his ground-​​breaking tech­nology to detect cancer at very low levels by tag­ging cells with a “Christmas tree” of radioac­tive markers.