One character, thousands of stories

Tran­syl­vanian graphic artist Botond Részegh’s “Night­fall,” a painting series on dis­play at Gallery 360, is influ­enced by one former polit­ical pris­oner yet rep­re­sents the unknown sto­ries of many more.

Computers for crafting?

New assis­tant pro­fessor Gillian Smith is bringing together her inter­ests in crafting and game design to change the way we think about com­puter science.

Shipping up to Boston

A daz­zling new Gallery 360 exhibit show­cases the clever, incred­ibly detailed work of Martin Ulman, which includes sculp­tures of sea­ships, space­ships and airships.

Sound effect

Working at a com­mer­cial art gallery in Berlin taught North­eastern music tech­nology major Gus­tavo Jiménez about the industry and inspired his own work.

A sculpture for science

Northeastern’s Inter­arts cap­stone class col­lab­o­rated with Sanofi Oncology last semester to create a struc­ture that will rec­og­nize the drug company’s sci­en­tific advancements.

The man behind the masks

Jamal Thorne, the first North­eastern stu­dent to receive a master of fine arts degree from a pro­gram run in part­ner­ship with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, recently opened his first solo show at Gallery 360.