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Photos to Photos App
Innovation & Entrepreneurship

How about them Apples? Alum’s mobile app, photo-​​sharing game

Photos to Photos, a free mobile game cre­ated by North­eastern alumnus Charles Svirk, DMSB’13, and his busi­ness partner Matthew Valich, puts a twist on the pop­ular child­hood game Apples to Apples.


Lobsterwoman turned marine biologist fishes for answers

North­eastern grad­uate stu­dent Marissa McMahan is mar­shaling her sci­en­tific training and her family’s con­nec­tion to the Maine lob­ster industry to research the black sea bass’ northern range expan­sion due to cli­mate change.


Take 5: Men’s hockey’s must-​​see games

It’s never too early to look ahead, espe­cially when the first game of the new season is less than three months away. Here are the five matchups you won’t want to miss.

Experiential Learning & Co-op

On co-​​op, student helps migrants share their stories

While on co-​​op with the Northern Ire­land Council for Ethnic Minori­ties, North­eastern stu­dent Sonia Banaszczyk served as the coor­di­nator for the Belonging Project, an art exhibit that tells the sto­ries of migrants through por­traits and recordings.

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