Women in business excel, says report

October 16, 2009

On Friday, “The Shriver Report: A Woman’s Nation Changes Everything”—an in-depth study of the roles women play in U.S. society—was released by Maria Shriver and the Center for American Progress.

Jamie Ladge, assistant professor of management and organizational development at Northeastern’s College of Business Administration, co-authored a chapter that discusses women in business.

Watch Ladge introduce the report

Ladge explains that the Shriver Report reveals a few surprises:  More and more women are becoming the primary breadwinners in American households.  With respect to running businesses, women have proven their success.  She cites studies that show that women-run firms are on the rise, and those firms with women at the helm and representing the majority of corporate boards have higher returns across a number of profitability measures.

Ladge talks about outdated mental models

The report also includes recommendations for social-policy change. Ladge says that, although women have made many strides, maternity leave, salary gaps, and other issues still place them at a disadvantage. Changes must be made at an organizational level, Ladge believes, to adequately accommodate working mothers.

The findings of the “Shriver Report” will be the focus of several specials and interviews to be broadcast on NBC throughout the week.

Ladge discusses the future of women in business

See the chapter co-authored by Ladge and Brad Harrington here: http://awomansnation.com/business.php


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