Happy to be here

September 4, 2009

The energy level on campus rose exponentially this week as students returned to campus, or moved in for the first time. Balloons festooned dormitories, a band played outside International Village, and spirits were high as friends got reacquainted and parents said goodbye to their budding scholars. Asked what they were most looking forward to at the start of another academic year at Northeastern University, students and their parents mentioned co-op, Boston, friends, and the broad variety of opportunities Northeastern offers.

Jessica Bridges

Student: Jessica Bridges
Major: Business, concentration finance; first year
Hometown: Mililani, Hawaii
Parents: Sandi and Channing Bridges

"I’m excited to take advantage of the co-op program and to experience all that the city of Boston has to offer. Co-op was what attracted me to Northeastern because of the job prospects you make as you get ready for the future after college." — Jessica Bridges

“I’m excited for her now that we’re here. At first I was concerned it was too far away. But now I’m excited for her, and all of the culture and diversity she’ll be experiencing. — Sandi Bridges

“Northeastern offers the best transition from college to career.” — Channing Bridges

Jennifer Pflug

Student: Jennifer Pflug
Major: Physical Therapy; second year
Hometown: East Brunswick, N.J.
Mother: Laura Pflug

“I love getting back to the city! There’s always something to do. And the university has a great co-op program that I’m excited to participate in.” — Jennifer Pflug

“I’m happy to have her come here: she’s got a great place, a great group of friends, and the diversity and opportunity she has by living here in Boston is very exciting.” — Laura Pflug

Ashley Cocilovo

Student: Ashley Cocilovo
Major: Architecture; second year
Hometown: Rockaway, N.J.
Parents: Doris and John Cocilovo

"I’m really excited to be back, and to see all of my friends. I’m really happy I chose Northeastern, because it turned out to be the best school I applied to." — Ashley Cocilovo

“I’m happy she’s got a secure, warm environment to learn in — she’s getting a fantastic education.” — Doris Cocilovo

Anna Bronder

Student: Anna Bronder
Major: Business Administration, concentration in finance; second year
Hometown: Chelsea, Maine
Mother: Melissa Bronder

"I’m happy to be back because I really like the city and I’m excited about the co-op program." — Anna Bronder

“I like that she’s down here studying in a city she wanted to be in. It’s a great school!” — Melissa Bronder

Hannah Webb

Student: Hannah Webb
Majors: Human Services and International Affairs; third year
Hometown: Brookline, N.H.
Mother: Ann Webb

"I’m excited for fall to start because I’m involved in so many programs, including Invisible Children, a nonprofit serving children of Northern Uganda. I’m also excited to be living in International Village!" — Hannah Webb

“I’m just excited for her to be back, because she loves it here. It’s been a great place for her to go to school — the total educational experience, the co-op, the school, it has all been great for her." — Ann Webb

Joseph Arroyo

Student: Joseph Arroyo
Major: Civil Engineering (Ujima Scholar); first year
Hometown: Central Falls, R.I.
Father: Pedro Arroyo

"I’m excited to get involved in all of the programs—everything that the school has to offer. It’s a great opportunity for me." — Joseph Arroyo

“I’m proud of him because he behaves well and is a good student." — Pedro Arroyo

Elisa Livingston

Student: Elisa Livingston
Major: Civil Engineering (Ujima Scholar); first year
Hometown: Rhode Island; born in Columbia
Mother: Candelaria Oviedo

"I’m excited just getting to learn about the programs and opportunities the school has to offer me." — Elisa Livingston

“I’m proud that Northeastern is a school a lot of people want to come to, and my daughter is able to attend." — Candelaria Oviedo

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