From plastic pollution to sustainable skateboards

An orga­ni­za­tion co-​​founded by North­eastern alumnus Ben Knep­pers has sup­port from ven­ture accel­er­ator pro­grams at North­eastern and in Chile to turn trash from the South Amer­ican country’s com­mu­ni­ties and coast­line into a sus­tain­able business.

The ‘inspiration’ behind the innovation

The second event in Northeastern’s Women Who Inspire speaker series fea­tured four dis­tin­guished female leaders at the fore­front of cut­ting edge tech­nology and inno­va­tion in 3-​​D imaging, big data, and cloud computing.

Snell Library’s new look

Stu­dents returned to campus this semester to Snell Library’s trans­formed first floor, which now includes more than 20 new col­lab­o­ra­tive work­rooms, a redesigned Info­Com­mons and main lobby, and informal study … read more »

3Qs: The secret to IDEA’s success

Since its incep­tion in 2009, IDEA, Northeastern’s student-​​run ven­ture accel­er­ator, has guided more than 350 Northeastern-​​based busi­ness con­cepts and awarded nearly $400,000 in grants.

Mr. ‘Fix-​​It’

Incoming first-​​year stu­dent Sean Burris has already started his first ven­ture, and he is looking for­ward to exploring his entre­pre­neurial spirit at Northeastern.

Kickstart to Hollywood

Ter­rence Masson, an exec­u­tive pro­fessor of ani­ma­tion, has launched a Kick­starter cam­paign in sup­port of his ani­mated short film The Cafe, which he hopes will grab the atten­tion of Tinseltown.

Be better with reweave

North­eastern alumnus Abhi Nangia and cur­rent stu­dent Daniel Gara­fulic co-​​founded reweave, an orga­ni­za­tion cre­ating a holistic social impact net­work that helps pas­sionate people and social enter­prises be better, together.