Faecal position

SMEARING the place you inhabit with faeces is, among people, an act of des­per­a­tion rarely seen out­side the con­fines of a prison. Some cock­roaches, though, do it all the time. Rebeca … read more »

Dr Seldon, I presume

FOUNDATION”, a novel by Isaac Asimov from the golden age of sci­ence fic­tion, imag­ines a sci­ence called psy­chohis­tory which enables its prac­ti­tioners to pre­dict pre­cisely the behav­iour of large groups … read more »

MoneyBombs in the 2012 election

MAPPING Amer­ican elec­tion cam­paign con­tri­bu­tions has devel­oped into an art form. Usu­ally the infor­ma­tion is pre­sented by loca­tion and amount. But researchers at North­eastern University’s Laz­erLAB have pro­duced an ani­mated … read more »

A hard act to follow

PALE, bespec­ta­cled and polite, Bekir Berat Ozipek, a young pro­fessor at Istanbul’s Com­merce Uni­ver­sity, is no street-​​​​fighter. But he was excited by the heady atmos­phere he expe­ri­enced on a recent … read more »