Work ready or not

Recently, the McK­insey Center for Gov­ern­ment released the second in its “Edu­ca­tion to Employ­ment” series of the reports. The first, “Edu­ca­tion to Employ­ment: Designing a System that Works,” released in … read more »

Equal opportunity bullying

Carole Oglesby remem­bers emo­tional abuse from her col­lege soft­ball years. In one case, the Wom­en­Sport Inter­na­tional vice pres­i­dent recalled, the female coach benched Oglesby, a top ath­lete and team starter, … read more »

Rating (and berating) the ratings

One col­lege leader who urged a focus on post-​​​​graduation suc­cess was Joseph E. Aoun, pres­i­dent of North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, an insti­tu­tion known for its co-​​​​op pro­gram, which many grad­u­ates credit with … read more »

What’s In Your #ThoughtBasket?

Addi­tion­ally, if you’re in need of some pos­i­tive tweets from stu­dents, look no fur­ther than the ones that are tagged with #iheart­coop from stu­dents at North­eastern University.  

Pledges for Low-​​Income Students

Yale Uni­ver­sity, for instance, com­mitted to increasing by 50 per­cent the number of stu­dents it enrolls through Quest­Bridge, a non­profit orga­ni­za­tion that that con­nects high-​​​​achieving low-​​​​income stu­dents to elite uni­ver­si­ties. North­eastern … read more »

Badging From Within

Peter Stokes is exec­u­tive director of post­sec­ondary inno­va­tion in the Col­lege of Pro­fes­sional Studies at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity. He’s sup­portive of the con­cept behind badges, and thinks there are no real … read more »

Smoking Loophole

Still, others are waiting for more con­clu­sive research on e-​​​​cigarettes before deciding whether to ban them. When North­eastern Uni­ver­sity for­mu­lated its smoke-​​​​free policy, it decided not to ban e-​​​​cigarettes, said … read more »

Military Tuition On Hold

North­eastern Uni­ver­sity announced this week that it would cover the costs for any of its 100-​​​​plus active-​​​​duty ser­vice mem­bers who could not access funding because of the shut­down. National Uni­ver­sity … read more »

Job Trends

The back-​​​​to-​​​​school season is easy to rec­og­nize. Tem­per­a­tures get a bit cooler. Wal­greens and CVS start doing a brisk busi­ness in pencil and note­book sales. And in col­lege towns like … read more »

Alleged Rapist on the Roster

McKenzie has been removed from the team “until fur­ther notice,” Brown said. The deci­sion to bring McKenzie on con­veyed a com­plicity with rape cul­ture, said Dan Lebowitz, exec­u­tive director of Sport … read more »