Biological detectives use Big Data to track disease progression

Just as inves­ti­ga­tors use evi­dence to recon­struct crime scenes, North­eastern data sci­en­tist Olga Vitek hunts down and ana­lyzes mol­e­c­ular changes that drive dis­eases to recon­struct their bio­log­ical “crime scenes.” The evi­dence she com­piles in her mas­sive datasets leads to ear­lier diag­noses and more effec­tive treatments.


If I competed in the Olympics…

The 2016 Summer Olympics opening cer­e­mony begin tonight. Will stu­dents be watching the games, and what sport would they pick to com­pete in? We asked.

Many of the speakers at this week's Republican National Convention will make public speaking seem effortless. But the truth is, three out of four people have a fear of speaking in public. In fact, more people have anxiety about public speaking than about dying. Here, we offer five tips to help put you at ease. Video by Benjamin Bertsch/Northeastern University

Five tips that will help you become a better public speaker

Many of the speakers at this week’s Repub­lican National Con­ven­tion will make public speaking seem effort­less. But the truth is, three out of four people have a fear of speaking in public. In fact, more people have anx­iety about public speaking than about dying. Here, we offer five tips to help put you at ease. Video by Ben­jamin Bertsch/​Northeastern University


Pokémon craze (and tips on where to find them on campus)

Pokémon Go crea­tures are pop­ping up all over the North­eastern campus. We spoke with people across campus—some who are playing the game and some who aren’t such big fans—to learn more. We even received a few tips on prime Pokémon loca­tions, including a gym. Video by Shirin Mozaf­fari and Ben­jamin Bertsch/​Northeastern University

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Up, up, and away

Global Expe­ri­ence staff member Rachel Port­wood walks bal­loons back to Richards Hall though the tunnel system after hosting an event in the Curry Stu­dent Center on Thursday. Photo by Matthew Modoono/​Northeastern University

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June 22, 2016 - BOSTON, MA. - Scenes during the 5k Color Run sponsored by NUterm and CSI held at Northeastern University on June 22, 2016. Photo by Matthew Modoono/Northeastern University

Color on the run

Check out the vivid scenes from the 5K color run on Northeastern’s campus Wednesday night hosted by NUterm and the Center for Stu­dent Involvement.

May 18, 2016 - BOSTON, MA. - Boston-based artist Cedric Douglas works on a new public art installation on the side of Behrakis Health Sciences Center at Northeastern University on May 18, 2016. Photo by Adam Glanzman/Northeastern University

New campus mural from start to finish

Uni­ver­sity pho­tog­ra­phers were there to doc­u­ment Boston-​​based artist Cedric Dou­glas as he cre­ated a new mural on the Behrakis Health Sci­ences Center. The mural is the latest instal­la­tion in Northeastern’s Public Art Initiative.

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15th annual Great Pumpkin Carving Contest

Stu­dents carved out their fes­tive fall cre­ations in Levine Mar­ket­place on Thursday in Stetson East. The annual event is hosted by North­eastern Dining. On Friday, the carved pump­kins will be dis­played in the “pumpkin patch” in Xhi­bi­tion Kitchen, as well as on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Nicole Tong, left, and Morgan Lenney, both, BHS'20, carve a pumpkin.

  • Pumpkins wait to be carved.

  • Shongmas Nimnark, S'16, works on her pumpkin.

  • Kelsey Powers, E'20, works on her pumpkin.

  • Eric Keresztes, and Wenwen Chen, both DMSB'19, examine their entry into the contest.

  • Kiera Murphy, E'19, sketches her design for her pumpkin carving.

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