vi-​​RABT: Intelligent ankle rehabilitation

A team of North­eastern stu­dents has devel­oped a robotic ankle reha­bil­i­ta­tion device to assist patients recov­ering from strokes and ath­letic injuries. The vi-​​RABT (Virtually-​​Interfaced Robotic Ankle and Bal­ance Trainer) uses pre­cise motor­ized move­ments, con­trolled by a ther­a­pist using a joy­stick, to help develop ankle strength and mobility as well as to improve bal­ance. The mechan­ical engi­neering cap­stone project was devel­oped by under­grad­u­ates Paul Doucot, Ally Bugliari, Alex Maz­zotta, Nate Lavins, and Jan P. Valen­zuela and Ph.D. can­di­date Amir Far­ja­dian. The team’s fac­ulty advisers were Mau­reen Holden, asso­ciate pro­fessor of phys­ical therapy, and Con­stan­tinos Mavroidis, Dis­tin­guished Pro­fessor of Mechan­ical and Indus­trial Engineering.

Video by Brooks Canaday

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