TRAQ Quadcopter

For their senior cap­stone project, North­eastern elec­trical engi­neering stu­dents Cameron Olean, Ben Leathe, Tim Hickson, Chase Hath­away, Dan Petrillo, and Andrew Barada, devel­oped TRAQ—an autonomous quad­copter that uses a unique four-​​element antenna array to locate and nav­i­gate to the source of a radio signal. The quadcopter’s poten­tial appli­ca­tions include dis­aster relief, sur­veil­lance, search-​​and-​​rescue, and stolen goods recovery. The quadcopter’s autonomous nature also enables mul­tiple crafts to coor­di­nate their move­ments and pro­vide greater loca­tion accu­racy. The team devel­oped TRAQ under the guid­ance of fac­ulty adviser Bahram Shafai.

Video by Brooks Canaday.


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  1. Hi, inter­ested to know the out­come of your project and whether you have devel­oped it to be suit­able for sale/​use.

    I have a number of drones that I would like to recover/​find the gps loca­tion for.

    Thanks in advance

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