Public comment on city planning goes interactive

A group of seven seniors stu­dents has devel­oped a mobile app designed to help the public visu­alize pro­posed devel­op­ment in their neigh­bor­hood. The project, dubbed arc, would allow an archi­tect to upload a building’s design, and then inter­ested stake­holders could uti­lize an iPad’s camera-​​view fea­ture to see an aug­mented reality of the pro­posed devel­op­ment. Users could even pro­vide imme­diate to the archi­tect feed­back via the app. The inter­ac­tive media cap­stone project was devel­oped by stu­dents Jonathan Baruc, Nicholas Braica, Tim­othy Briggs, Chelsea Costaney, Alex Dreiblatt, Michael Godlewski, and Emily Plourde. The stu­dents’ adviser was Ter­rence Masson, exec­u­tive pro­fessor of cre­ative industries.

Video by Craig LaPlante

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