If you think job oppor­tu­ni­ties are dim for Amer­i­cans with a high school diploma and a degree– try making it without one– or both in the new Amer­ican workforce.

When the Center for Labor Market Studies (CLMS) at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity ana­lyzed 2012 unem­ploy­ment data, they found that Black youths who left high school sans a diploma had an employ­ment rate of six percent–leaving the rest to scour for jobs that focus less on a degree and more on an acquired skill-​​set.

We esti­mate that only six per­cent of Black male high school dropouts ages 16 to 17 from low income fam­i­lies were working that year which means that 94–95 per­cent were job­less,” said director of the CLMS Andrew Sum.

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