Q: Does the Boston Globe dis­close that John Henry owns the paper when­ever it reports on one of his other busi­ness inter­ests? Or does it omit that infor­ma­tion, leaving less-​​savvy readers in the dark?

A: Yes.

Tuesday was a case in point. On page one, the Globe’s Brian Mac­Quarrie reported that the Stop Handgun Vio­lence bill­board on Lans­downe Street facing the Mass­a­chu­setts Turn­pike may be coming down by next March. The new owner of the prop­erty — Fenway Sports Group, which owns the Red Sox — declined to com­ment, according to the story. Nowhere did we learn that Henry is Fenway’s lead investor.

On the front of the Metro sec­tion, though, Travis Andersen dis­closed the con­nec­tion in an update on an ele­vator acci­dent at Fenway Park that left a woman seri­ously injured. Andersen wrote: “A spokes­woman for the Red Sox, whose prin­cipal owner, John Henry, also owns The Boston Globe, declined to com­ment Monday, citing the ongoing review.”

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