It’s a fairly men­acing sight, an alu­minum robot sporting big tank treads — that is, until you watch one of its cre­ators do a hand­stand on top of the thing in a pair of cargo shorts. And really, while the ‘bot wouldn’t look too out of place with a small machine gun strapped to its front, its inten­tions are peaceful, seeking to extend the WiFi con­nec­tions to haz­ardous places lacking in net­work infra­struc­ture. We first heard about the project last week, when the team of com­puter and elec­trical engi­neers at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity that cre­ated it first revealed their work to the media. A visit this weekend to our favorite Somerville, Massachusetts-​​based hack­er­space pro­vided the oppor­tu­nity to check out the beast in-​​person and dis­cuss the project with a couple of its creators.

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