Let’s just come right out and say it. Although our pro­fes­sion will rise again, right now being a lawyer just isn’t quite as cool as it used to be. Of course, people have thrown darts at lawyers since Shake­speare. But con­sider where things stand in today’s pop­ular cul­ture. Twenty years ago, Aaron Sorkin in “A Few Good Men” gave us Tom Cruise as a heroic JAG officer whose bril­liant legal skills famously cracked Jack Nicholson on the wit­ness stand. Now Sorkin, in the HBO hit “The News­room,” has cre­ated a lawyer who cares only about her billing rate and is described as part of a “god­less, soul­less race of extortionists.”

Such obser­va­tions would be suit­able mostly for enter­tain­ment mag­a­zines if they did not cor­re­spond with double-​​digit declines in the number of people applying to U.S. law schools during each of the past three years. This trend is expected to con­tinue in 2014, and the dip is even more pro­nounced among appli­cants from elite universities.


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