Just because you got a B.A. in graphic design doesn’t mean you won’t wind up toiling in a mor­tuary. Seri­ously: While the majority of people with design­de­grees do find employ­ment in their desired field, their next most common source of pay­checks is serving as “mis­cel­la­neous man­agers, including funeral service.”

So elu­ci­dates this intriguing flow dia­gram showing how col­lege majors lead to dif­ferent occu­pa­tions. “What Are You Going To Do With That Degree?” was cre­ated by Ben Schmidt – data dude, assistant pro­fessor of his­tory at Boston’s North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, and occa­sional Atlantic con­trib­utor – using info from the Amer­ican Com­mu­nity Survey.

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