Let’s get one thing straight: You are not going to get Ebola. Donald Trump is not going to get Ebola. You are more likely to be killed by Batman, the ride. Ebola-​​like viruses have already breached our bor­ders, and there were no sec­ondary infec­tions. There are air­port workers whose job it is to iden­tify pas­sen­gers who have flu-​​like symp­toms and quar­an­tine them imme­di­ately. And the dis­ease is only spread through con­tact with bodily fluids, so there’s little chance that even the unlucky seat-​​mate of the Ebola flyer would catch it.

Nev­er­the­less, Ebola is a rare dis­ease, and the fact that it’s both incur­able and highly lethal nat­u­rally prompts morbid fas­ci­na­tion. So let’s say there was a science-​​fiction sce­nario in which you, dear reader, were infected with this deadly hem­or­rhagic fever. The ways in which the Amer­ican health­care system have pre­pared for such a thing offer some inter­esting insights into infectious-​​disease pro­to­cols and the phar­ma­ceu­tical industry.

The fol­lowing is an account of what would happen if you did, in fact, come down with Ebola, according to inter­views with a number of infec­tious dis­ease specialists.

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