POSTGRAD EDUCATION is becoming more spe­cific than ever in two ways. First, it’s increas­ingly spe­cial­ized and geared toward the needs of industry. “A lot of what’s dri­ving the growth in master’s pro­grams is new fields that are emerging,” says Sean Gal­lagher, who works in enroll­ment and stu­dent affairs at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity. He cites areas like game design, social media, reg­u­la­tory affairs, health care infor­matics, cyber­se­cu­rity, and ana­lytics as among those that might not have even existed a decade ago, much less required a master’s degree. Even more tra­di­tional pro­grams, like the MBA, are becoming more focused. Schools such as Wharton and MIT’s Sloan School of Man­age­ment, for example, now offer spe­cial­ized MBAs or dual degrees in areas like real estate, sports man­age­ment, bio­sciences, elec­tronic com­merce, and health care.


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