Mounting evi­dence of the impact of con­tem­pla­tive prac­tices like med­i­ta­tion (which we now know can, quite lit­er­ally, rewire the brain) are finally bringing modern sci­ence up to speed with ancient wisdom.

Mind­ful­ness and com­pas­sion — the prac­tices of cul­ti­vating a focused aware­ness on the present moment, and extending a loving aware­ness to others — are part of every reli­gion and wisdom tra­di­tion, and we’re at last begin­ning to under­stand the pro­found impact that they have on the brain, says psy­chi­a­trist and mind­ful­ness expert Dr. Dan Siegel.

A pio­neer in the field of inter­per­sonal neu­ro­bi­ology and exec­u­tive director of the Mind­sight Insti­tute, Siegel dis­cussed the neu­ro­science of mind­ful­ness and com­pas­sion during a keynote address to the Nalanda Insti­tute for Con­tem­pla­tive Science’s Mind Sci­ence in Action Ben­efit Weekend ear­lier this month.

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