You’re hoping it’s a teach­able moment, where they can grasp the topic, under­stand it for more than it has been sen­sa­tion­al­ized for, and have a take­away for them to where their thought process actu­ally gets improved through it,” said Dan Lebowitz, the exec­u­tive director of Sport in Society at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity in Boston.

Though the number of NFL player arrests might appear alarming, Lebowitz and NFL spokesmen Aiello and Brian McCarthy said having 28 players out of nearly 3,000 cur­rently on NFL ros­ters is still rel­a­tively low com­pared with the rest of society.

The thing that is gen­er­ally a con­stant is there is a cer­tain per­centage of men that are going to behave badly. It’s endemic to the social fabric of our cul­ture,” Lebowitz said. “If I opened up a sub­urban news­paper, almost any­where, and looked at the crime blotter, even places where people would say they have lim­ited crime, they would have 27 arrests in two weeks. … The spot­light is such that every move off the field is intensely looked at.”

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