It didn’t take long for Katie Carlson’s sis­terly instincts to kick in.

It was the first pre­season prac­tice for the North­eastern Uni­ver­sity field hockey squad, and players were in the middle of an annual con­di­tioning test that amounted to about 11 min­utes of shut­tling quickly back and forth across the new turf field at the school’s Dedham campus.

Carlson, a junior cap­tain from Water­town, had com­pleted the test in the past, but this year was dif­ferent. Her younger sister, Alyssa, a freshman, was run­ning just a few yards away, and Katie thought she saw her falling behind.

Come on, Alyssa!” Katie shouted.

Both ended up passing the test with time to spare, the first of many chal­lenges that the sis­ters will encounter in a season that opens Aug. 30 at home against Mon­mouth and stretches into November.

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