Move over, Parrot AR.Drone; there’s a new (pro­to­type) quadro­copter in town. For their senior project, elec­trical engi­neering stu­dents at North­eastern Uni­ver­sitydevel­oped TRAQ, an autonomous air­craft that tracks down the sources of radio trans­mis­sions. That func­tion­ality comes thanks to a four-​​element antenna array, and the team envi­sions such a device being used in dis­aster, rescue and sur­veil­lance sit­u­a­tions, where drones could prove faster to respond than us earth­bound humans. The next step would be get­ting mul­tiple air­craft to work together to improve loca­tion accu­racy. Who doesn’t love an imposing swarm of quadro­copters, after all?


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