In the epic quest to out­smart traffic con­ges­tion in Boston, com­muters have any number of high-​​tech weapons at hand: Google Maps, which uses GPS to pro­vide real-​​time traffic data, apps such as Waze and Inrix that track users’ cell­phones to ana­lyze travel speed, and web­sites that fea­ture live video feeds from major highways.

Or, you can just tune in to a fellow com­muter who’s calling in to report that, for example, “the lower end of 128 from the tri­angle up to, um, 138, is OK.”

The latest inno­va­tion in traffic reporting relies on an old-​​fashioned format: a talk-​​radio-​​style broad­cast in which fellow com­muters send in reports from the road, and an on-​​air host who talks about one thing all morning: traffic, nothing but traffic.

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