recent paper by six ana­lysts from North­eastern Uni­ver­sity pub­lished on PLOS Onesifts through a sample of 380 mil­lion tweets between October 2010 and May 2012 to iden­tify a number of geo­graphic and lin­guistic trends. The tweets—which were restricted to tweets sent by smart­phones including GPS loca­tion data—came from more than 6 mil­lion users in 191 countries.

Kuwait’s dom­i­nance jibes with other data indi­cating it has the highest Twitter pen­e­tra­tion rate in the Middle East, though when mea­sured by pro­por­tion of Internet users, Saudis are by far the world’s most active tweeters. Twitter use has been polit­i­cally fraught in Kuwait in recent months, with one man sen­tenced to five years in prison last November for com­ments deemed reli­giously offensive.


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