Pulitzer Prize winner Toni Mor­rison (right) joined North­eastern Uni­ver­sity School of Law Pro­fessor Mar­garet Burnham (left) for a dis­cus­sion about civil rights and writing on Friday night. The event was called “No Wel­come Home: Remem­bering Harms and Restoring Jus­tice,” and was hosted by the North­eastern School of Law’s Civil Rights and Restora­tive Jus­tice Project and the school’s Human­i­ties Center. A dinner recep­tion for the event drew author and activist Angela Davis and edu­cator Robert Moses . The two scholars were also rec­og­nized in the crowd. “So guess who is in the audi­ence of this Toni Mor­rison lec­ture? Angela Davis,” starstruck North­eastern assis­tant pro­fessor Sarah J. Jackson tweeted during the event. “Just chilling in the audience.”


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