Con­spiracy the­o­ries run ram­pant on Face­book. Why? Well, some­time between posting that umpteenth puppy pic­ture and sharing just another photo of their adorable new­born nephew, your friends read a head­line and auto­mat­i­cally assume it’s true, sharing the story in out­rage before taking the time to dig deeper.

People fluent in satire like Andy Borowitz, or pub­li­ca­tions like The Onion, have con­fused the mis­in­formed masses, too gullible to realize when news isn’t news at all. (Yes, it’s lit­er­ally unbe­liev­able.) A group of North­eastern Uni­ver­sity researchers have proved there’s more behind our will­ing­ness to believe nearly any­thing, however.

We just dis­trust of main­stream media sources.

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