What pro­pels exer­cises such as Golden Eagle Snatches Kid to cir­cu­late at such speed?

Ryan Cordell, a lec­turer at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity spe­cial­izing in 19th-​​century peri­od­ical lit­er­a­ture, analyses how news­pa­pers and other mass media of the time dis­sem­i­nated news, and per­haps unsur­pris­ingly, the cri­teria for what makes a story spread haven’t changed much. “It needs to be easily shared; have some level of cute­ness — or,” he explains, “in this case be some­thing hor­ri­fying; and have some kind of chal­lenge, or puzzle, or mys­tery.” “Golden Eagle Snatches Kid” has all three.

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