Noting that it’s dif­fi­cult for busi­nesses to gen­erate buzz using social media merely by asking people to “like” their Face­book page, or follow them on Twitter, Victor Dweck saw an open oppor­tu­nity to intro­duce a product that he says could change the way cus­tomers interact with estab­lish­ments, while rewarding everyone involved.

Using the app Dweck devel­oped, called Socii, users can reap the ben­e­fits of free food, or other goods and dis­counts, simply by posting photos, status updates, or sending Tweets about shops they are already vis­iting and sharing infor­ma­tion about any­ways. “What’s awe­some is that these [photos and updates] are shared on peo­ples’ own walls—not the busi­ness pages—so it’s amazing word-​​of-​​mouth for the busi­nesses,” says Dweck.

Dweck, a North­eastern Uni­ver­sity grad­uate, launched a beta ver­sion of Socii not more than 17 weeks ago, working exclu­sively for the time being with places like J.P. Licks, Tasty Burger, Thinking Cup, Flat Black Coffee, Finale Desserts, Trade, Max Brenner, Spike’s, Crazy Dough’s, and more, to con­nect cus­tomers with free­bies, while at the same time increasing social engage­ment, and reach, in the social media uni­verse. To do that, the app uses the most com­monly acti­vated social media sites that people are on, like Face­book, Twitter, Insta­gram, and FourSquare.

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