A report pub­lished by Ernst & Young called Nature or nur­ture? Decoding the DNA of the entre­pre­neur, argues that entre­pre­neurial leaders are made, not born. According to the report, “There is no single entre­pre­neur­ship gene. But there are traits and expe­ri­ences that make it more likely that an indi­vidual will choose the path of entre­pre­neur­ship and, cru­cially, suc­ceed over the long term.”  A survey com­mis­sioned by North­eastern Uni­ver­sity sev­eral years ago reached a some­what dif­ferent con­clu­sion. They talked to 256 entre­pre­neurs and over 40% of them believed that they were born entre­pre­neurs, “that their inspi­ra­tion came from within.”

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