Voters dis­like neg­a­tive adver­tising. And voters don’t like super PACs very much. But per­haps I repeat myself. Check out this ani­ma­tion of spending by super PACs over time from North­eastern University’s Lazer Lab, last seen in this space with another info­graphic on fundraising. This video breaks super-​​PAC money down by both par­ti­san­ship (Demo­c­ratic vs. Repub­lican) and tone (neg­a­tive or pos­i­tive). The video has sound, but I actu­ally rec­om­mend lis­tening to it without, unless you enjoy cacoph­o­nous cheering and jeering. The fig­ures run through Sep­tember 13, the latest fig­ures avail­able from the FEC.

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