I met Sobo­roff in Boston, where a curated selec­tion of his type­writers is being dis­played at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity. The col­lec­tion rou­tinely tours, and people can type on their favorite luminary’s machine for a fee that goes towards a fund for jour­nalism schol­ar­ships. I brought my camera; the images included here were shot, in keeping with the analog theme, on Impos­sible Project film for old Polaroid Cameras.

Sobo­roff and I are standing in front of a slightly hag­gard yet modern-​​looking model, and it’s con­spic­u­ously missing its cover. Sobo­roff is telling me about a letter exchange he’d had with the pre­vious owner, the afore­men­tioned Unabomber.

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