Reporting on the release of the monthly jobs num­bers last Friday, we spoke with North­eastern Uni­ver­sity polit­ical econ­o­mist Barry Blue­stoneabout what he called gen­er­ally good news: 200,000 people back to work and the unem­ploy­ment rate down to 7 per­cent. But for those people “out of the economy,” in Bluestone’s words, or the long-​​term unem­ployed, of whom there are con­sis­tently about 4 mil­lion, things aren’t looking any rosier. Inequality for those at the bottom per­sists, and as he explains, it’s linked to high unem­ploy­ment. Bluestone’s been making that point for decades. So, Paul asked, why hasn’t his sounding the alarm changed things? Watch Bluestone’s response above.


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