Many com­pa­nies talk about employee engage­ment and have lofty mis­sion state­ments, but few live them. Meet Bridgeway Cap­ital Man­age­ment, the anti-​​Wall Street based in Houston, Tex. For 20 years, they have given 50 per­cent of their profits to charity, capped partner com­pen­sa­tion at seven times the earn­ings of the lowest-​​paid employee, and have gar­nered $2.3 bil­lion in assets through a relent­less ded­i­ca­tion to cus­tomer satisfaction.

The com­pany con­siders itself a “gen­erous busi­ness,” a com­pany com­mitted to chal­lenging its owners, staff, and fam­i­lies to lead trans­for­ma­tive change through the joy of giving. Bridgeway pres­i­dent Mike Mulcahy says, “We’ve cre­ated a staff of people we really enjoy, employees with char­acter and pas­sion, who work together for a bigger and more mean­ingful pur­pose. And, if entire fam­i­lies get involved, the com­pany becomes a more impor­tant and valu­able part of each of their lives.”

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