Glaring eco­nomic inequality has become one of the most talked about issues in post-​​recession America. But a new study from the Uni­ver­sity of Min­nesota shows the rea­sons why racial inequality shouldn’t be swept aside–especially when it’s related to an addi­tional 7,000 deaths a year.

Pub­lished in the journal PLoS One, the study details the mas­sive racial inequities that exist when it comes to expo­sure to pol­lu­tion from car exhaust and power plants–call it “the pol­lu­tion gap.” Nation­ally, people of color expe­ri­ence 38% higher levels of one pol­lu­tant, nitrogen dioxide, com­pared to white people.

It’s a dis­parity that holds strong, even when dif­fer­ences in income are taken into account. And on the state level, New York, Penn­syl­vania, and Illi­nois account for the biggest racial expo­sure gaps in the country.

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