The end of the school year means that many schools across the country are preparing for prom, and the ways that some teens are inviting their dates is get­ting very elaborate.

Jared Chin, director for training and cur­riculum at North­eastern University’s Center for Sport in Society joined us for more on the subject.

He said with the advent of social media, many kids feel that over-​​the-​​top invi­ta­tions are the way to go.

Chin said that schools shouldn’t need to estab­lish rules on it, but that par­ents should talk with their kids on the impacts the invi­ta­tions can have.

He said that it is impor­tant to talk about rela­tion­ships and find out if a video is just to get atten­tion on social media or if the person asking really does have feeling for the other person.

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