The new survey results are in the line with some other find­ings, says Carlos Cuevas, a researcher from North­eastern University-​​Boston, who is pre­senting new data on dating vio­lence among Latino youth at the con­fer­ence. But he says the details behind the gender find­ings in var­ious studies are impor­tant. When girls are the aggres­sors, he says, “it tends to be low-​​level behav­iors, light hit­ting, name calling, things like that. When you look at serious sexual and severe phys­ical assault, we tend to see a bit more from the boys than the girls.”

While pro­grams at school and else­where in com­mu­ni­ties may help, fam­i­lies can play a cen­tral role. In his own survey of 1,525 Latino youths ages 12 to 18, Cuevas says he found that boys with the strong family sup­port “typ­ical in tra­di­tional Latino cul­ture” were less likely to psy­cho­log­i­cally abuse dates.


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