In fact, few teachers who wit­ness school vio­lence are offered coun­seling, said Edward Mooney, a Cal­i­fornia high school teacher and North­eastern Uni­ver­sity doc­toral stu­dent who studies the effect of school vio­lence on teachers.

After dis­turbing events such as a shooting, many teachers struggle with post-​​traumatic stress. It can be dis­abling, and made worse by admin­is­tra­tors who want to move on, avoid the topic, “basi­cally the treat­ment of ‘You’ll get over it,’ ” Mooney said.

Mooney has taught for more than 20 years, and with every tale of teachers’ heroism – whether Moore, New­town or events that hardly make national news – he wor­ries about how few resources exist for them.

The teacher feels over­whelming anguish. Those are empa­thetic, com­pas­sionate people,” Mooney said. As he wrote his dis­ser­ta­tion, he thought of his own col­leagues and espe­cially his stu­dents. “‘What if it hap­pened to him? Or her?’ That would shatter me.”

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