Bal­ti­more offi­cials say young adults need a leg up into the workforce

Just a third of Mary­land teens worked last summer, com­pared with well over half in 2000, according to an analysis by the Center for Labor Market Studies at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity in Boston. Nation­wide, the slump was just as severe. The center says the job market for teens isn’t just rough, it’s in a depression.

The last two sum­mers were the all-​​time record low for the country,” said Andrew Sum, the center’s director.

Var­ious expla­na­tions have been offered for the sharp drop in teen employ­ment, which began falling even before the reces­sion: larger num­bers of young people taking unpaid intern­ships; more com­pe­ti­tion from older workers; a higher min­imum wage.

Beyond that, com­pa­nies don’t do nearly as much summer hiring as they used to, Sum said.

The whole summer job market has kind of col­lapsed on itself,” he said.



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