If copy­right holders want to stop piracy, seizing domains from infringing sites isn’t an effec­tive method, according to com­puter sci­ence researchers from North­eastern Uni­ver­sity. A much more effec­tive strategy would be to go after the money that pirated mate­rials and sites gen­erate, they claim.

The study looked at what it calls one-​​click hosting (OCH) sites, like Megau­pload and Rapid­share, and attempts by copy­right holders to have their con­tent taken down if hosted ille­gally. Looking at the typ­ical effects of Dig­ital Mil­len­nium Copy­right Act (DMCA) take­down notices, the researchers noticed that there was usu­ally a mild short-​​term drop in the rel­e­vant files being avail­able before they reap­peared else­where — the start of what the researchers describe as a “cat-​​and-​​mouse game between uploaders and copy­right owners”.

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