If we could have access to real-​​world scale, actual test beds, we could do a lot better job preparing new tech­nolo­gies for market cheaper and faster,” Per Suneby, pres­i­dent of waste-​​to-​​energy firm Bio­Con­ver­sion Solu­tions LLC and one of the exec­u­tives behind the pro­posal, said in an inter­view Tuesday.

The idea for the net­work was devel­oped by sev­eral exec­u­tives and pre­sented at the second Sym­po­sium on Water Inno­va­tion in Mass­a­chu­setts at North­eastern University.

While a still rel­a­tively small part of the state’s inno­va­tion economy, the water tech­nology sector already gen­er­ates roughly $4 bil­lion in revenue.

Water tech­nolo­gies mon­itor, treat, and trans­port drinking water, storm water, waste­water, indus­trial water, and coastal waters.

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