Tonight’s com­mute home is almost guar­an­teed to be better than last night’s. Yesterday’s snow storm lasted through the evening com­mute, snarling traffic across the Greater Boston area.

Many of you were stuck in cars inching along snowy road­ways or diverted because of acci­dents or waiting in the cold for MBTA trains and buses — some of which never came.

So when we got to work this morning, the Radio Boston crew com­pared notes about how many hours it took us all to get home. And that turned into a lively debate — maybe even a little feisty — over whether slow com­mutes are just what hap­pens during New Eng­land storms, which is co-​​host Anthony Brooks‘ point of view. Or whether our trans­porta­tion system failed us last night, as co-​​host Sacha Pfeiffer believes.

So Sacha and Anthony invited a trans­porta­tion expert to the Radio Boston studio to tell them which co-​​host is more correct.


Stephanie Pol­lack, asso­ciate director of research at the Kitty & Michael Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, and a spe­cialist in trans­porta­tion issues

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