North­eastern Uni­ver­sity Law School requires stu­dents to work for 12 months over their three years. Pro­fessor Roger Abrams says it makes stu­dents much more ready to prac­tice than even he was.

ROGER ABRAMS: The first time I saw a depo­si­tion was the first depo­si­tion that I took as lawyer. Whereas, my stu­dents will be sit­ting in on depo­si­tions and maybe helping pre­pare them.

SMITH: Stu­dents also need a third year to develop some exper­tise once they’ve decided whether they want to be, for example, a cor­po­rate, or family or trial lawyer, says Uni­ver­sity of Houston law pro­fessor Michael Olivas, and you can’t do all that, he says, in two years.


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