Yes­terday, the National Labor Rela­tions Board ruled that a group of North­western Uni­ver­sity foot­ball players on schol­ar­ship are con­sid­ered employees at the pri­vate institution.

Thanks to that ruling, players can now unionize and nego­tiate with the uni­ver­sity for things such as finan­cial com­pen­sa­tion and full cov­erage for med­ical expenses related to sports injuries. For more on this, we’re joined now by Ramogi Huma, a former UCLA line­backer and the founder of the Col­lege Ath­letes Players Association.

In addi­tion, there are plenty of logis­tical ques­tions about how a players’ union at the col­le­giate level would work. To help us sort through them is Roger Abrams, a pro­fessor of sports and labor law at North­eastern University.

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