n the after­math of the New­town school mas­sacre, one of the few reforms advo­cated by both the pres­i­dent and the NRA involves increasing the pres­ence of resource offi­cers in the schools. This also hap­pens to be one of the few rec­om­men­da­tions that has a real­istic chance of improving the safety of our chil­dren — and it has little if any­thing to do with having a gun toting secu­rity guard on board when a ram­page killer enters the classroom.

In fact, a police pres­ence at Columbine High School in April, 1999, didn’t stop two stu­dents from shooting down 34 of their school­mates and teachers, killing 13 of them. In Feb­ruary 2008, having police offi­cers on the campus of Northern Illi­nois Uni­ver­sity failed to pre­vent a former stu­dent from opening fire in a lec­ture hall where he killed five and injured another 19. It took 2 min­utes to commit mass murder at Northern Illi­nois; the police arrived only four min­utes too late but it might as well have taken an hour.

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